Rickles, Dean and DeWitt, Cécile M. (2011). PARTICIPANTS IN THE CONFERENCE. In: The Role of Gravitation in Physics: Report from the 1957 Chapel Hill Conference. Berlin: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften.

Note that in the original report the front matter featured an index of (the more substantial) contributions of the various participants. In the present version, for convenience, this has been incorporated into a more general index. I have also included M. J. Buckingham who had been omitted in the original version.

Anderson, J. L. Stevens Institute of Technology
Bargmann, V. Princeton University
Bass, R.W. RIAS , Inc., Baltimore
Belinfante, F. J. Purdue University
Bergmann, P. G. Syracuse University
Bondi, H. King's College, London
Brill, D. R. Princeton University
Buckingham, M. J.     Duke University
Davis, W. R. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Deser, S. Institute for Theoretical Physics, Copenhagen
DeWitt, B. S. University of North Carolina
DeWitt, C. M. University of North Carolina
Dicke, R. H. Princeton University
Ernst, F. J. University of Wisconsin
Estabrook, F. B. Office of Ordnance Research
Euwema, R. N. Princeton University
Feynman, R. P. California Institute of Technology
Fourès, Y. University of Marseille
Gold, T. Cornell University
Goldberg, I. Syracuse University
Goldberg, J. N. Wright Air Development Center
Havas, P. Lehigh University
Janis, A. Syracuse University
Kervaire, M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kursunoglu, B. Maltepe, Ankara, Turkey
Laurent, B. Institute for Mechanics
& Mathematical Physics, Stockholm
Lichnerowicz, A. Collège de France, Paris
Lilley, A. E. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington
Lindquist, R. W. Princeton University
Mace, R. Office of Ordnance Research
Misner, C. W. Princeton University
Mjolsness, R. Princeton University
Newman, E. T. University of Pittsburgh
Pirani, F. A. E. King's College, London
Rosen, N. (in absentia) Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa
Rosenfeld, L. University of Manchester
Sachs, R. Syracuse University
Salecker, H. Institute of Theoretical Physics,
Schild, A. Westinghouse Research Laboratories,
Schiller, R. S. Stevens Institute of Technology
Sciama, D. Trinity College, Cambridge
Tonnelat, M. A. Henri Poincaré Institute, Paris
Utiyama, R. University of Osaka, Japan
Weber, J. University of Maryland
Wheeler, J. A. Princeton University
Witten, L. RIAS, Inc., Baltimore