Session II Unquantized General Relativity, Continued

Chairman: P. G. Bergmann




Bergmann, Chairman: P. G. (2011). Session II Unquantized General Relativity, Continued. In: The Role of Gravitation in Physics: Report from the 1957 Chapel Hill Conference. Berlin: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften.

BERGMANN, who opened the session, proposed that the following topics should be discussed together in this session: the integration of the partial differential equations of general relativity, the properties of their solutions, the invariants of the theory, and various topological problems.

LICHNEROWICZ was the first speaker. For details, including those of notation and terminology, the reader is referred to his book, Théories Relativistes de la Gravitation et de l'Électromagnétisme, Paris, 1955.